September 25

Why Are Companies Turning To 360 Evaluation?

Off late, you might have noticed that most businesses are turning towards 360-degree feedback system for evaluating the employees, instead of the traditional tool. Obviously, it involves a whole lot of debate from people. One gets to see a huge number of people asking, ‘Why Should One Go For 360-degree Feedback?’

It is a known fact that feedback is very important for organizations. Feedback is important in order to assess the performance, development, and growth of employees. However, the feedback should be accurate in nature. This is why using a 360 evaluation tool can be very useful. Studies have shown that unlike the traditional assessment and evaluation tool, 360-degree feedback provides accurate data to the employers.


Employers Need To Assess Employees

 Employers need to ensure that they have potential employees within their team. After all potential employees will only have the capability to take leadership role and help an organization to achieve success. Also, correct evaluation can help employers to get an all-inclusive picture about an employee’s strength and weaknesses. Bases on the feedback, employers can take next plan of action. Hence, for properly evaluating employees, 360 degree feedback can be of great help.


360 evaluation

Perfect Nature of 360 Feedback

 Before companies turn to 360-degree feedback tool for accurate evaluation of their employees, it is important to have a proper picture of the tool. 360-degree feedback is also touted as a multi-rater tool or a 360 evaluation tool that helps to collect anonymous feedback about an employee’s behavior and performance. Basically, it tries to measure how others perceive the behavior and performance of the ‘target employee’. Based on the result obtained from the feedback, companies can set up new plan of action for professional growth and development, along with organizational growth.


360 Feedback Proving Helpful To Both

 Most businesses are turning to 360-degree program as it is proving to be extremely helpful for both individuals and organization. It offers a broad scope of improvement for both. For example, employees can improve their skills by taking part in various training programs. In fact, the feedback can help employees to learn if their behavior is welcomed by others. if they feel it’s not then they can change it.

Similarly, the all rounded view obtained from 360 evaluation can help organization to identify the weakness and the strengths. Once they identify it, a plan of action can be framed so that it can help in leveraging the strengths.


Key Benefits of Evaluation

 In order to be successful at a professional level, it is important for employees to develop themselves. Before implementing the software within the organization, it is important to ensure that 360 evaluation can provide helpful information which can be helpful for them as well as for the organization. A good evaluation offers the following benefits. They are:

  • Help with employee development.
  • Improving team effectiveness and skills of employees
  • Providing a greater objective of individual contributions


Companies can make good use of 360 evaluation in order to rate employees in a friendly way and without any bias. It can offer the best way to learn if an employee is respected or not.

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